Lake nature fascinates in every season

The sun in the summer and water-based plays, berry-picking expeditions, refreshing outdoor weathers in the winter, the clear light in the spring. Kissankulma wishes you welcome in every season!

There are excellent circumstances for swimming and enjoying the sun on the shore property of Kissankulma. The steps from the terrace lead to the dock. The summer day is crowned by making the dinner at the grill place of the villa. There are possibilities to familiarise with the surroundings by biking and canoeing; the rent of the villa includes bikes, two canoes and a rowing boat. The forests in the surroundings call you to pick up berries and mushroom. Sarkavesi lake is also favoured by fishermen.

On a winter holiday you can enjoy being outdoors, ski and have different plays in the snow. Indoors by the fire you can have a rest. To celebrate the Christmas, Kissankulma is a fascinating place!